"A Night Like This" CD Liner Notes


Yvonne Washington is a woman whose story needs to be told... Gary Norian

I first met Yvonne Washington in 2000, while playing a Wednesday night church service in Houston. She asked to do "Amazing Grace." I played an intro and waited for her to start. When she began singing, I realized two things: one, this was no ordinary singer and two, any accompaniment ideas I had in mind needed to be quickly tossed aside. Yvonne was telling a story with phrasing and pacing that turned my accompaniment approach completely upside down. I quickly went into complete spontaneity mode, reacting and interacting with Yvonne in a way that would seal our musical friendship for years to come.

Now ten years later, we finally set out to record a CD. We decided to have only voice and piano for a number of reasons. It is an homage to where we began our musical collaboration. It also allows for the most expression. And with the piano and voice fully exposed, we hoped to achieve a simple, raw, and pure performance — an intimacy that will beckon you right into the room with us. 

Rather than talk too much about the songs and the performances, I will let the music speak for itself. Suffice it to say, we chose a range of material and genres that would reflect our influences, display our ever-evolving styles on some classic songs, and at the same time, try to maintain the spark that ignited our collaboration in the first place... Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.

Yvonne Washington is a woman whose story needs to be told. It is my honor and privilege to be a small part of it.


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